Sustainable Management

We pursue sustainable development with our continued investment in R&D resources, advanced management system
that complies with global standards, and win-win management philosophy based on trust and loyalty.

SHE Management System

SHE Vision
Safe and Healthy Life to Everyone, Everywhere !
Beneficial to our Environment and the Community !
SHE Policy

Hanwha Munitions is committed to do our best through the establishment, implementation, and continuous effort to improve our SHE management policy for the achievement of our vision as above and for sustainable development

  • 1. Priority safety, health and environment management The safety, health and environment of employees, contractors, customers, visitors and communities are top priority.
    No work shall be performed unless safety is ensured.
  • 2. Comply with regulations and establish of safety culture As the member of our family and SHE community, all executives and employees shall comply with the related laws and all requirements and establish a proactive and preventative safety culture through communication.
  • 3. Ensure preemptive stability and minimize environmental load Recognize and assess the risks and environmental impacts that may occur during all organizational activities.
    Try to eliminate risks and environmental impacts.
  • 4. Secure competency and enhance voluntary participation All employees & contractors shall be equipped with the necessary capabilities through education and training,
    and be sure to participate in voluntary safety activities to prevent accidents.
  • 5. Strengthen ESG management and Achieve social responsibility Promote ESG management activities actively for sustainable management and achieve social responsibility through win-win cooperation with local communities and stakeholders.

Son JaeilSon Jaeil

Hanwha Munitions CEO

Management System
  • The SHE Management System is implemented by the SHE Action Plan that dictates ‘what to do’ and ‘how to do’ to achieve our goals for SHE Management Manual, which defines the management requirements, and Management Elements, which majorly effect the management performance.
Management Manual
SHE Vision - Hanwha Value, SHE Policy - References to SHE management support & making decisions, Standards - Reference to accomplishments, Model Procedures - Fundamental requirements, Local Procedures - A book of procedures local to the working environment
Action plan
Elements of SHE : ACTION(Management Review / Improvement) > PLAN(SHE Action plan) > DO(SHE Action Plan Implementation) > CHECK(Monitoring/Survey) > ACTION(Management Review / Improvement)
SHE certificates
  • KOSHA 18001
  • PSM
  • Healthy workplace Navi
  • ISO 14001
  • Green Company
by senior management
  • Safety Day

    On the last working day on the third week of every month, every employee has to participate in safety activities – expanding the safety knowledge through education, training and survey, so as to improve safety performance substantially

  • Safety Share

    We try to keep our safety consciousness high by sharing thoughts or experiences on safety prior to working on a task.

  • Deploying SHEC Visions

    Employees spare time for carrying out SHEC vision on their own initiative to persevere in the accident-free environment, for the least required amount of time not to burden the overall productivity

  • Systematic Practicing of SHEC Action Plan

    Systematic implementation/practicing of SHEC Action plan for each management element, which plays a key role in accomplishing SHEC management system, leads to the accident-free working environment

  • Unsafe Action Observation Program

    A program to prevent hazards by recognition/elimination of unsafe actions, which dominantly make the cause of incident

    Comprehensive observation of 6 points on the checklist and advise one another for safe environment


    Proactive discovery and elimination of potential risks driven by site workers

    Every site worker shares the surveyor responsibilities to discover lurking risk factors in their environments

the Risks of Danger
  • Risk Assessment

    A qualitative/quantitative means to identify, examine, assess potential/core hazards and then control/correct

    An organization exclusively devoted for the risk assessment will identify and avert potential dangers in the environment

  • Hazard Identification checklist

    Check before a hazardous or out-of-routine tasks

    Tasks stated above begin only after a thorough examination of supervisors on fire/explosion and 11 other hazardous elements on the checklist

  • Qualitative preemptive harm prediction

    Scientific analysis and preemptive actions taken to eliminate expected harm before establishing a process into a production line

    High reliability on prediction assured through the employment of a proven assessment programs

  • Maintenance prevention Plan

    Securing the mechanical integrity before establishing a new process

    Elimination of expected dangers taking the risk assessment result or malfunction records into account at the beginning of new process establishment

Proactive Accident prevention,
Emergency and response program
  • Emergency Response Plan

    Setting/running a control strategy for emergency situations, scenario by scenario about fire, explosion, leak and general/natural disasters

    Holding the safety scenario seminars as frequently as in accordance with the risk level

  • incident management

    We strive to cut incident recurrence by delving into the fundamental causes of the incident following the elements of SHEC

    Establishing recurrence prevention measures & fundamental cause investigation which depth is on a par with uncovering near-miss frequently or accident investigation